System integration

Our Server Optimization Service

Before starting the optimization process we perform a Complex Server Audit to identify the bottlenecks and possible risks of the current solution. We provide then intelligent services for your business, from concept to completion. 

Performance is a must-have aspect of any IT business or online services. Customers will just pack and leave if their website or server loads like a snail. Having loads of memory and CPUs won’t make noticeable differences unless they are configured for best performance.

Server and Infrastructure Performance Optimization

Optimize the performance of the server and the website, reduce hosting spendings and improve business security. 

When a company relies on the availability and functionality of their network for everyday business, the network should work with maximum efficiency. Security must also be taken into account. Server Optimization helps deliver a stable level of performance.

  • Get up-to-date server software with specifically tweaked configuration
  • Have stable and permanent access to the website
  • Increase page load speed (TTFB)
  • Protect your business from different types of hacking attacks
  • Save money on business owning costs

What We Do

System integration

Infrastructure Support

We take care of your IT infrastructure,
configure and support your servers, including web, backend and databases. Our experts will analyze and optimize all infrastructure components: from hardware (processors, disk subsystem) to a system (network stack, file systems) and software. 

System integration

Complex Server Audit

We examine your website and server from different sides - security, speed and stability. Then our specialists provide you with the expert recommendations on how to optimize your infrastructure capacity and improve the your speed, security and stability of your Commerce website. 

System integration

Server Optimization

You get your server performance optimized to reinforce your infrastructure, increase load speed, protect your business from hacking and
attacks and save money as a result. It
comprises obligatory Complex Server Audit with load and stress testing. 

System integration

Full Server Maintenance

Keep the server fully operational and server software up to date. With this service you get 24×7 server availability monitoring, incident response within 15 min, a proactive client notification system, backups, technical support, and monthly reports with the expert insights and recommendations.

System integration

DevOps as a Service

Build a bridge between development and production. ASAP Labs breaks the barriers between developers and product managers to enhance communication and collaboration,
better automate software deployment, and adopt changes easier. We ensure the scalability and security of the solutions we provide. 

System integration

Managed Hosting

A fully-managed and highly flexible hosting solution designed to meet the needs of heavily loaded Commerce websites that require dedicated care. 

System integration

Our Services

_ DevOps

_ IT Infrastructure Engineering

_ Full Server Maintenance

_ Project Performance Investigation

_ Server Optimization

_ Security Audit

_ Load Testing

Implementation of DevOps practices & CI/CD processes

System integration

We build a bridge between development and production and unite them into a single rapid deployment machine for faster development without human errors

Infrastructure Engineering
and Support for eCommerce

System integration

We will prepare and implement an infrastructure solution that meets the specifics and targets of your company with focus on load speed, website availability and security of your online store.

Full Server Maintenance
and Support

System integration

We will take care of your infrastructure: configure and manage your servers, connect websites to our advanced monitoring system with 15-min response time according to SLA. No need to hire an expensive in-house IT team.

Complex Project
Performance Investigation

System integration

Most online store owners sound the alarm when failures can no longer be ignored. Project audit will allow you to identify IN ADVANCE the performance bottlenecks in the code, databases, server and infrastructure settings.

Server and Infrastructure

System integration

Commerce business functioning is based on availability and functionality of its network for everyday business needs. We will find and remove the performance bottlenecks for 99.99% uptime and security of your online store.

Security Audit
for online stores
and marketplaces

System integration

Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and complex every day. We will check your store for common security risks and vulnerabilities before they cause significant damage to your sales and business reputation.

Load and Stress Testing

System integration

Low performance of an eCommerce project may result in the system failure and loss of customers unhappy with your site operation. Load Testing will show your the maximum website capacity and performance bottlenecks.

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